Radio 24 - Il Sole 24 Ore. Intervista a Giorgio De Pasquale sul Progetto MIMOSA

A cura di Maurizio Melis, 25 gennaio 2023

Il progetto MIMOSA, finanziato in ambito Horizon Europe, ha fra i suoi obiettivi la creazione di filiere produttive integrate e sostenibili in ambito aeronautico. Il coordinatore del consorzio approfondisce alcuni aspetti significativi.

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"Nonlinear dynamic modeling of the energetic behavior of multishaped lattice cells"

Antonio Coluccia, Guillaume Meyer, Christian Mittelstedt, Giorgio De Pasquale

9th Interational Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design (M2D) 

Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), 24-30 June 2022

This paper deals with the numerical modeling of the energy absorption behavior of truss lattice structures under static and dynamic compressive load. A set of lattice cells is defined in order to enable the investigation of different topology parameters, such as inclination of struts, vertical reinforcements and boolean union of lattice cells, while the representative volume element size is kept constant together with the strut diameter.

Progetto di filiera ateneo-aziende: "Additive manufacturing per una progettazione customizzata"

Giorgio De Pasquale 

Interventi: Renishaw (Enrico Orsi), Fiudi (Emilio Cataldi), Ellena (Ruggero Gandolfi)

Progettista Più

Torino (Italia), 25 Gennaio 2022

"Design for Additive Manufacturing Applied to Lightweight and Biomechanical Systems"

Giorgio De Pasquale

M3d+it 2021 

Wien (Austria), 2-3 December 2021

In this invited keynote speech, we told about our current and future activities related to the design, modeling and experimental characterization of smart structures, with special focus on additive processes and clinical applications. 

"Modeling of Lattice Structures Energy Absorption under Impact Loads"

Antonio Coluccia, Giorgio De Pasquale, Guillaume Meyer, Christian Mittelstedt

12th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) 

Athens (Greece), 16-19 July 2021

Lattice structures are promising design solutions for lightweight components in many industrial fields as aeronautics and space. The multifunctional design approach aims to combine in the same component several capabilities, including the ability to absorb impact energy with high efficiency. The additive manufacturing of metals is presently opening to innovative constructive approaches where static strength, lightweight and impact behavior must be considered together in design and simulation. This paper introduces the modeling results of the energy absorbed by different lattice cells topologies under impacts. 

"Design and characterization of AM sensorized capsules for drug delivery devices"

Marta Graziano, David W. Charig, Nicola Di Trani, Alessandro Grattoni, Giorgio De Pasquale

3rd Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine (AMMM) 

Lubeck (Germany), 8-10 September 2021

By using metal and polymer additive manufacturing processes, we designed and developed implantable drug reservoirs with embedded strain sensors to directly measure the osmotic pressure in drug delivery implants in vitro and in vivo.

"Evoluzione tecnico-funzionale di componenti meccanici tradizionali grazie al ‘design for additive manufacturing’: il caso degli utensili da taglio"

Giorgio De Pasquale 

RM FORUM Ecosistema Additivo 2021

Arese (Italia), Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, 22-23 Settembre 2021

"Development and integration of AM lattice structures to reliable technological solutions"

Giorgio De Pasquale

Keynote lecture at the 2nd Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine (AMMM) 

Lubeck (Germany), 9-11 September 2020

Additive manufacturing is allowing since several years the fabrication of metal lattice structures with high resolution, especially thanks to the increasing performances of DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) processes. The mechanical behavior of lattice structures depends primarily to the parent material, however it can be significantly modified or adjusted by means of the design of single cell and the 3D cells stacking. 

Enel Radio. Intervista a Giorgio De Pasquale su Internet of Things

7 ottobre 2020

Intervista sul tema delle tecnologie correlate alla IoT e risvolti in ambito di ricerca applicata.