Smart Structures and Systems

The Smart Structures and Systems Laboratory (S3 Lab) enables the design, modeling, and characterization of multifunctional and integrated structures and systems with advanced performance metrics, based on innovative materials and production processes.  

Horizon Europe: MIMOSA Project

Project Coordinator

Multimaterial airframes based on 3D joints between AM metals and carbon-fiber composites 

The 3-years project involves a team of eight companies and reserach centers. Our target is to support the development of the next generations of aircrafts, which will necessarily follow production criteria with reduced environmental impact and lower need for raw materials.

More info: MIMOSA Project


nTopology 3 - User Guide

Comprehensive Reference Manual in 3 Parts for Beginners and Intermediate Users with Step-by-Step Design-Based Approach 

nTopology simulation software is based on the finite elements method (FEM) and is specifically conceived for the modeling of cellular solids and lattice structures. This electronic guide provides a detailed description of the software, addressed to users with various background levels in modeling and simulation.