Electro-mechanical roller test system for flexible structures

Proprietary design by S3 Lab 

Dimensions: 1900x700x800 mm3 

Static tests: characterization and models validation.

Endurance tests: properties variation, friction wear, surface degradation. 

Power units

Primary motor: 3 phase, 4 poles, 0.55 kW

Motor controller DELTA C2000 

Pneumatic brake: 160 Nm max, 1.3 kW

Tensioning motors: DC brushless, 150 W

Measurement units

Torsiometer (8645-5250 Burster): ± 250 Nm

Load cells (86L-K14-6020 Burster): 20 kN

Conveyor belts testing

Faithful setup of operative geometrical configuration and working conditions.

Lifetime assessment of single/multi-layered conveyor belts.

Lifetime assessment of joints.

Controllable parameters

velocity profile, torque profile, load carried, pretensioning, wrapping angle on both drums, lateral misalignment, drums friction coefficient.

Endurance test modes

controlled tensioning force, controlled inter-drums position, controlled laterial alignment.