Servo-hydraulic static-fatigue test system

Model: INSTRON 8801 

Double-acting servohydraulic actuator with force capacity up to ±100 kN.

Actuators stroke of 150 mm.

Load accuracy: ±0.002% of Load Cell Capacity or 0.5% of Indicated Load, Whichever is Greater - Down to 1/250th of Full Scale.

Patented Dynacell™ advanced load cell technology for faster testing and reduction of inertial errors (US Patent Number 6508132).

8800MT digital controller providing full system control, including features such as stiffness based tuning, amplitude control specimen protect, 19-bit resolution across the full range of transducers, and adaptive control technology.

WaveMatrix 2 Dynamic Testing Software, Bluehill Universal® Software for axial static tests, Low Cycle Fatigue suite, Fracture Mechanics suite. 

DIMEAS shared facility.