Smart Structures and Systems

The Smart Structures and Systems Laboratory (S3 Lab) enables the design, modeling, and characterization of multifunctional and integrated structures and systems with advanced performance metrics, based on innovative materials and production processes.  


nTopology 4 - 2024 User Guide 

Giorgio De Pasquale, Daniela Barra

Comprehensive Reference Manual for Beginners and Intermediate Users with Step-by-Step Design-Based Approach 

Welcome to the second edition of our Guide to nTopology, the software for modeling and simulating lattice structures. This edition offers a refreshed perspective on harnessing the full potential of nTopology in the ever-evolving world of additive manufacturing.

E-books and paperbook available on-line.

MIMOSA Project

HORIZON EUROPE: Project Coordinator

Multimaterial airframes based on 3D joints between AM metals and carbon-fiber composites 

The 3-years project involves a team of eight companies and reserach centers. Our target is to support the development of the next generations of aircrafts, which will necessarily follow production criteria with reduced environmental impact and lower need for raw materials.

More info: MIMOSA Project

Project website:


Project Coordinator

Wearable Measuring System for Rehabilitation Trainings in Neurological Diseases and Traumas 

Neuropsychology is supporting innovative multisensory rehabilitation trainings aided by wearable devices/sensors, due to the correlation between movements and “body ownership”. The 3-years project in cooperation with the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer (IDAC) of Tohoku University (Japan) led to the design and fabrication of an innovative wearable sensing device. Link

More info MAECI: Progetti Grande Rilevanza

Partner website: IDAC - Tohoku University


Project Coordinator

Conveyor Belts with Textile Core and Integrated Monitoring based on Conductive Polymers

The project aims to the development of innovative flexible structures for conveyor belts integrating emerging technologies and materials for the self-monitoring of operative conditions and failures prediction. The company partners operate in the fields of technical fabrics, coatings and functional polymers.

More info: POR-FESR grant

Partners website: Technofabric, Tinotex, Novurania